Cowboy Brody Cowboy Brody
Brody Brody
Brody Brody

Cowboy Brody is a super, extra sweet, gentle, six year old cuddle bug. He is extremely sensitive and easily startled by a harsh voice or a loud sound so he will need his new family to be very calm, nurturing and gentle. He needs extra attention and support to help him with his separation anxiety; someone who is retired or does not work outside the home would be a perfect human companion for him. He has always had another IG as a friend and support system; having another IG in the household who is calm will be beneficial. He is not 100 % successful with his potty habits but he is almost there. This is another reason having someone home with him during the day to help him with his training will be important. He currently takes himself outside to potty but will also use and indoor potty system.

He is good with other dogs and enjoys meeting new people who come to the house. Like all IGs he loves to sunbathe; with is light color and thin hair coat it is important for him to have sun protection like a t-shirt or sun block. He walks well on leash and enjoys walks with his foster mom. If you are not counting calories and are looking for a small bundle of sugar and sweetness to be the center of your world then contact us for an application.

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