Trudy Trudy

Trudy is a little dynamo of energy and playfulness. She adores people and dogs; loves to play and can easily get bored so her new family needs to be energetic and active. Her favorite hobbies are carrying her blanket and her foster mom’s clothes around the house and giving kisses. She loves to cuddle, be petted and scratched but if you are watching TV she will want to play during the commercials. She is housed trained to use a doggy door to take herself outside to potty; secure outdoor space for potty and play is a must. She is very quick to learn new things and enjoys the challenge. She walks well on leash but is not fond of daily dental care, yet. She has always lived in a home with other dogs; her new family needs to have another, energetic, active dog for her to play with when she has exhausted her human (s). If you think you can keep up with this ball of fun then send in your application.

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