Casper and Cisco - Adopted!
Casper and Cisco Casper and Cisco
Casper and Cisco Casper and Cisco
Cisco Cisco
Casper Casper

Casper and Cisco are “two peas in a pod”; they are littermates who have been together since birth, 8 years ago. They are “twins” but you can tell them apart because Casper has white markings on his front legs and he is the “big brother”, always the first to investigate anything and to protect and watch out for his baby brother Cisco. They do everything together, exploring, lizard hunting, squirrel chasing and tortoise tipping. They have not been successful yet in besting the tortoise at wrestling but they keep trying; current score is tortoise 50, the brothers zero. The boys are typical IGs, they love to cuddle and be with their human 24/7 and of course they must sleep in people bed; how else can you make a meat sandwich of your beloved human! Their potty habits are improving and with continued guidance and support they will be good citizens as long as they are monitored and have access to a secure outdoor area. Left on their own they will make bad decisions as IGs often do; having a strict routine and guidance is mandatory. The boys have high prey drives so will not be placed in a home with cats. They love to explore and play so they need secure outdoor space with fencing of at least five feet but six feet is preferred because they are tall boys and can get into mischief. If you are an experienced IG owner who has enough time to devote to this dynamic duo please fill out an application and see if you are the right material to be part of their love sandwich.

These cuties are a bonded pair to be adopted together. No cats, No children.

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