IGCA Rescue “Circle of Caring

Donate to IGCA Rescue Circle of Caring Over the past 10 years the numbers of dogs entering IGCA Rescue has increased dramatically. In 2010 over 900 IGs are projected to enter the program ... so we are well on the way to 1,000. Every dog is provided with an evaluation by experienced Rescue Reps, veterinary care if necessary (and that care is usually necessary), spay/neuter, and a collar and leash. Most of these dogs ultimately are placed in loving homes. Dogs benefit and people benefit. The canine gift of love is unconditional and forever. Dog lovers understand that we owe our dogs a debt that can never be repaid. One of the few things that we can do is to make a permanent commitment to helping their kind.
Giving Monthly to Support SoCal IG Rescue can help us immensely knowing that we have a steady commitment from our biggest supporters.

Donate to IGCA Rescue Circle of Caring

Individuals and businesses give IGCA Rescue many home-made and commercial items to include on our site. These items are sold to benefit Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation and the Italian Greyhound Club of America Health Fund.   

IG Cutie PaTOOTie

Here’s a great way to brag about your IG and put a picture of him/her on our site for the world to see… It’s only $7 a month or $10 for two months and proceeds benefit IGCA Rescue Earn dollars to help support this wonderful organization simply by shopping for items you need online. Go to, set up your account and choose Italian Greyhound Club of America Rescue as your cause. A percentage of what you spend is automatically donated to help us with our mission.


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