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Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation Inc. is a national club sponsored re-homing service provided for Italian Greyhounds that have been abandoned at animal shelters, taken from abusive homes or surrendered to Rescue due to the death or divorce of the former owner. Occasionally, dogs are turned over to Rescue because the owner can no longer keep the dog and the dog was acquired from a source to which it cannot be returned. 


Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation Inc. is an 501c3 nonprofit organization, we are an all- volunteer organization that foster these dogs in our homes, we are not a kennel or shelter. Our foster dogs are health and temperament evaluated the dogs are loved and treated as our own dogs. All dogs are taken for a veterinary check-up and when necessary, vaccinations are updated, neutered/spayed and its teeth are cleaned. Each Italian Greyhound is evaluated so that it can be placed in a home suitable to both the dog and the new owner.

We are all volunteers who have fallen in love with “Iggys” and our mission is to take these wonderful dogs in and provide them with the medical care, love and rehabilitation they need so that we can place them in a loving responsible home.



The Adoption Process

As you can imagine, we take the adoption process very seriously. We don’t just give dogs to people who ask. The process to become approved for adoption includes an application, phone interview, and home visit. Once you are approved, and if one of the fosters fits your lifestyle and needs, as determined by the home visit, we will put you in touch with the foster home where you can go to visit the dog. If we don't have a fit, we will put you on a matching list.  Read more

The adoption fees are as follows: 
Up to 6 months $600
7 Months to 2 Years $500
3 Years to 6 Years $450 
7 Years to 9 Years $350
10 years and over $275 

These fees are sent to the Italian Greyhound Rescue Fund to offset the cost of medical expenses of the dog being placed, and provide medical care for future rescue dogs.



About Italian Greyhounds


The Italian Greyhound is the smallest of the family of gazehounds (dogs that hunt by sight)...

Care & Training


Before acquiring a new dog, stop and consider your lifestyle. Are you aware of the specific health needs of Italian greyhounds?

Available For Adoption


If you are interested in adopting an Italian Greyhound please visit our Adoption List page to view IG's that are currently ready for adoption and read about our Adoption Process.


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