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Educate the public about the desirability of adopting Italian Greyhounds as companions and family pets in the home.

Facilitate placing Italian Greyhounds in loving, responsible, forever homes. Provide continuing educational support to the Italian Greyhound family after placement to ensure a successful adoption.

Support, welcome, and encourage an active, organized volunteer base of Italian Greyhound lovers who share the passion and vision of finding loving, responsible, forever homes for Italian Greyhounds to live out their natural lives.

Stress the importance of spay and neuter as a means of controlling the number of unwanted animals.

Connect with other groups and people that assist and adopt Italian Greyhounds to promote adoption worldwide.

Enjoy the spiritual connection we all share with Italian Greyhounds and each other in loving and helping one of the most loving and loyal creatures put on this earth.

The Faces of Rescue...

by Danielle Walraven

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