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Surrendering Your Italian Greyhound To Rescue

While we wish every Italian Greyhound could remain happy and safe in his/her home, sometimes it just isn't possible. Italian Greyhounds are turned over to rescue for a variety of reasons including relocation, divorce, job-loss, birth of a baby or other life changes in the family. House training, energy level, leg breaks, behavioral issues and lack of knowledge about the breed are also among the reasons an Italian Greyhound may be surrendered. In some cases the dog can be returned to the breeder or source from where they came, but in other cases this is not possible.

Whatever the reason may be, if you can no longer offer a safe, loving home for your IG, or if you feel your IG has behavioral issues that you cannot overcome, you may need to look at surrendering your dog to rescue.

If you feel you are in this situation, here are some simple steps to follow so that we can help you:

Contact Your Local IGRF Representative

Arrangements will be made for the transfer and surrender of your Italian Greyhound into rescue. Your IG will be placed in a safe, loving experienced foster home until we find a match with an approved adoptive and loving forever home. A recent photo of your IG will often be requested during this initial contact. (see the Contact Us page)

Contact Your Veterinarian

Contact your vet and get a copy of your IG's medical records, including rabies and spay or neuter certificates and microchip registration information, if applicable. This will save him/her from being unnecessarily re-vaccinated. Pack up medications or supplements your IG needs, too, along with instructions for administration of them.

Fido's Favorites

Gather up your IG's favorite belongings that you can send with him/her. Having his/her own crate, bed, toys, jacket, etc. can often help your IG feel more comfortable in the immediate transition.

Complete the IG Rescue Surrender Questionnaire While not mandatory completing this form gives us insight into your IG’s previous lifestyle, diet, and medical or behavioral issue and his/her likes and dislikes. It will help the foster home and the dog make a smoother transition.


When you meet with your area IGRF Rescue Representative, it is important to bring all of the above mentioned paperwork. You will be asked to sign relinquishment papers giving up ownership of your IG. We ask for a $75.00 donation at the time of the surrender. The contract is final after it is signed and the IG is taken into our rescue program.

Surrendering your IGRF rescue ensures that your IG will be placed in a loving, educated, forever home with people who understand the special needs of this incredible breed. A humane society, shelter or all-breed rescue may not be able to do the same.

Thank you for looking out for the best interest of your IG and entrusting IG Rescue with the placement of your IG in a new loving home!

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